Virtual Tours

Today there is a growing lack of knowledge and amnesia of the Jewish element of the Moroccan cultural identity. If in 1947 there were more than 270,000 Jews living in Morocco, today (2018) there are only around 2,500 Jews left. These numbers are reducing as time passes by, so what we are actually witnessing these days is the disappearing of the Jewish presence in Morocco.

The Virtual Tours offer everyone the opportunity to visit the Jewish Moroccan heritage sites across Morocco. Following the disappearing of the Moroccan Jewish community, these sites are left to tell the story that must be told and heard. The tours are accessible easily any time and from any place. All you needed is a smartphone, a tablet or a computer, and a connection to the internet. You can also upgrade your experience using a VR headset which is supported (use the VR botton to switch the mode).

Photography & Editting: Einat Levi

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