In 1947 there were 270,000 Jews living in Morocco. Jews were among the first settlers of the country. The Jewish Community rapidly became influential and commanded great respect. Most of the Moroccan Jews emigrated between 1947 - 1967, as a result of the rising conflict in the Middle East. Today there are only 2,500 Jews left in Morocco and we are sadly witnessing its complete disappearing. Today the Moroccan Jews of can be found in France, Israel, USA, Canada, Belgium and more - the remaining question is how can we re-establish the community again and revive its lost heritage.

Recent technological developments such as virtual reality and social networks allow us to create powerful documentation communities through the use of digital documentation. The ability to document and share the documentation at any tme and from any place is a game changer and this site offers a useful model to enhance these developments and preserve our heritage. 

Einat Levi

A researcher at Mitvim - The Israeli Institue for Regional Foreign Policy, specializes in Israeli Moroccan relations. Einat has been engaged in Morocco Since 2013, leading study tours and delegations and developing partnerships in various fields, mostly between the private sector and civil society organizations and individuals. Einat works at The Center for Educational Technology as an Online Learning Instructional Designer, promoting and encouraging the use of technology and innovative pedagogical practices in education.


In 2015 Einat created an innovative digital documentation project - "The Moroccan Jewish Story in 360". The project combines 360 Virtual Tours and Facebook Digital Documentation Commuinities, as means to preserve the Moroccan-Jewish heritage and make it accessible for all. The 360 photographs are the initial product of a several documentation journeys, that took place in Morocco and later on evolved into virtual tours through editting and production processes.

Einat holds a B.A. in Middle Eastern Studies and International Relations and M.A. in Research, Management and Conflict Resolution, both from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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