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Documentation Communities

The Jewish Fes-book Project is the first digital documentation model, that was founded on March 2016. The aim of this special Facebook community is to bring back the past to the picture and heal the pain of the memories that got lost or left behind. Today there are almost 3,000 shared items and 2,000 members, all are dedicated to the cause - posting, documenting, sharing memories, reconnecting and so much more. The model and method are easily scaleable and today we see more and more documentation communities on facebook. The method is simple, when a member post a picture or a memory, the rest of the group are challenged to figure out the story behind it: time, names of people etc. The documentation Facebook communities are breaking traditional boundaries through establishing a virtual community and making it visible again. It is not only for Jews, as it enables Muslims of  Morocco to get familiar with the Moroccan Jewish heritage, which is an integral part of their own culture.

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